Power from SN2Z is shown on the race field



From November 6 to November 8, 2020, the Suining City Middle and Primary School Track and Field Sports Meeting was holden in Shehong Vocational Technical Secondary School, in which, the students from our school , Cui Cong got the first place in the senior high school men's triple jump, and Dan Wei got the first place in the senior high school women's 1500, Liu Jincheng got the second place in Junior men’s jump , Nie Junxi got the third place in Junior men’s shot-put, Li Xiangtong got the third place in the senior high school women's high jump, Dai Lin won the third place in the senior high school women's 800 meters.



In this sports meeting, our athletes carry forward the spirit of being not afraid of bitter or being tired, solidarity, mutual assistance, cooperation, and active fighting, fully shows the spirit of students of SN2z and the elegant demeanor of sports, obtained the excellent result, won the honor for the school, added the luster for the school, in this case, congratulations to all the athletes, coaches. 


Our school's track and field sports teams is in the success of the games, which means in return for all the contestants with the sweat of long-term training, and which means the result of the teachers in charge and students from all the classes in our school, whose common concerning and supporting the school sports work, wish all the teachers and students continue to coagulation hearts meet force, cheer up and create new brilliance in the activities in the future.